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A variety of training courses which aim to provide training for adults across different career levels with the goal of enhancing existing skills and achieving individual professional development goals.

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  • And we deliver tailored virtual workshops for your teams.

    Tailored Business English masterclasses for teams.We are leading trainers in Business and Commercial English: our masterclasses and individual training are much sought after. We recognize that there are many highly valued, talented employees who need support to build their confidence to be the best they can be in business conversations. And we deliver tailored virtual workshops for your teams.

  • Strategies for being a speaker or panellist in events

    Both online and live events require speakers and panellists. It is a great way to raise your profile and credibility. We share the steps in order to prepare and perform with excellence either in live or virtual events.

  • Discover how to use storytelling in business communication

    Using stories in our communication: whether it be speaking, written or using social media, is a powerful way to engage and influence your audience. In this virtual masterclass, I show you how to use this powerful communication tool to capture the attention of others and to motivate them to take action, in easy to digest steps.

  • Ensure you are visible, noticed and respected for career success

    How is it that some people rapidly climb the career ladder whilst others – who might be equally as good, remain at a lower level? Having studied very successful people; watching their behaviour, actions and attitudes, I have identified key engagements these successful people do in order to be visible to decision makers. You will be challenged to develop your own strategy for becoming more visible and respected for the awesome person you are.

  • Deliver and participate effectively in meetings

    Conference calls and virtual meetings are now the norm. It is an opportunity for individuals to raise their credibility by facilitating and managing meeting effectively, as well as contributing in an impactful way.
    This workshop includes ways to engage and maintain focus on meetings, in addition to facts about concentration in virtual meetings. It also supports individuals how to prepare and make a positive contribution in remote meetings.

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    Identifying and developing your network for career success

    Networking is an essential skill if you wish to raise your profile professionally and/or move your business forward, yet it is something many people dread. Being able to create and maintain a strong network is crucial.
    This interactive virtual masterclass provides the audience essential skills in face to face and online networking. Including meetings strangers, having interesting conversations, when to move on; following up and keeping in touch with your network.

  • Discover how to manage your wellness through our neuroscience based course

    Many of us are used to working with others in an office or visiting clients face to face. Having a daily routine and being able to live fulfilling lives meeting others and participating in hobbies. As our working and home lives are being changed drastically, we need to look after all areas of wellbeing and that of our families. This is focused on your physical, financial, career,emotional and mental wellbeing. This is an interactive workshop with a workbook and a chance to ask questions and share good practice.

  • Develop strategies for leading and managing hybrid projects and teams

    As we return to working in offices, there will continue to be restrictions with the number of people there: there will be some individuals continuing to work remotely. How can we work efficiently; lead projects and get work done with a hybrid workforce? There are a number of challenges with this method of working. We share how you and your team can work efficiently in hybrid environments.

  • Discover the secrets of impactful highly valued speeches.

    What do these styles of speeches have in common? They are all shorter than a traditional keynote; inform; entertain, are memorable and inspire discussion. They all tap in on human connection which is a powerful way to communicate. In this interactive workshop, you will discover key elements of a successful speech and how you can use these skills in your spoken communication.

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  • Developing strong presence, confidence and communication skills as a female leader

    Communicating as a leader is a necessary skill for any leader. For female leaders and emerging leaders, these are particularly important to ensure you lead, make an impression and engage with your teams. In this interactive masterclass Susan will use elements from her Communications methodology, Superstar Communicator™, sharing Top Tips to ensure you have presence and impact when communicating as a female leader.

  • Everything you need to have impact and presence in virtual meetings.

    With these changing times, we are all being forced to communicate virtually: conference calls, webinars, phone calls, as well as emails. In this interactive workshop, I use the principles behind the Superstar Communicator™ methodology to find specific techniques to ensure you are making an impact when communicating virtually.

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    This course will be ideal for managers and supervisors who would like to motivate staff and ensure a good safety and health performance...

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