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Our Focus is making life easier for new businesses in the UAE

Corporate Consultancy and Development(CCD) provides a diverse range of strategic and operational consultancy services across the realms of Marketing, Human Resources, Training, Quality Management and Business Consultancy. CCD is committed to alignment of service delivery with your vision and business need.

Our consultancy services span varied levels of complexity, such as business consultancy, digital marketing and content strategy, HR consultancy and advice, Quality management services and many more, which would provide either modular, functional or company-wide strategic input. Our network of professional entities doing business with one another creates a healthy business community within CCD itself. Our network of partners also ensure that technical know-how is never an issue with CCD.

Do reach out to us to know which service would align best with your business need.

We appoint a customer relations officer for each client, a single point of contact to manage their needs and to keep everyone informed and updated.

Business Consultancy services in Dubai

Corporate Consultancy & Development (CCD) offers a comprehensive package of services to customers in the UAE.


Management Consultancy

Many organizations are currently facing challenges of gaining a competitive advantage while meeting …


Marketing Consultancy

CCD Marketing Consultancy with a clear vision to offer integrated marketing services …


Market Research & Feasibility Studies

Analysis to back up, you can make judgments more confidently, whether you want to open a second location …


Human Resources Consultancy

Dubai’s location allows it to bridge both East and West and Europe and Africa…


Corporate and Technical Training Courses

Our Corporate Training Services offer courses that provide insight, skills, and tools for individual and organizational improvement…


Interim Management Services

Interim Management Services Do you need rapid solutions or transformation mechanisms for business results? Are you hard-pressed for resource mapping, due to specific needs for skills […]


Quality Management Services

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