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How do you get the best of your biggest assets – your employees? How do you implement the right re-skilling strategy to keep your employees in line with changing business demands over time? Training and Development involve two major aspects to be considered - choosing the right training modules; utilizing the business development consultants to get trained in the topics. ‎We have a demonstrable track record of supporting businesses across sectors and sizes, in UAE and the Middle East region. Our IT consultancy services in Dubai provide you with strong network ‎and communication methods, a culture of innovation and an engaged workforce, allow us to ‎help you create a foundation for a productive and powerful company.‎ Our corporate consultancy services in UAE offer a wide spectrum of experienced trainers, specialized in enhancing your team’s leadership ‎and ‎administrative skills, are devoted to determining which training module and pedagogy tackle the ‎professional areas that need further development. Moreover, the courses are tailored to align with your ‎company’s goals. ‎Beyond consultancy, we offer management of representative office, interim leadership & sales ‎roles, and business development activities for you.

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  • Business Consultancy

    Business Consultancy

    Corporate Consultancy & Development (CCD) offers a comprehensive package of services to customers in UAE.

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  • Management Consultancy

    Management Consultancy

    Many organizations are currently facing challenges of gaining a competitive advantage while meeting the demands of fiscal austerity.

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  • Marketing Consultancy

    Marketing Consultancy

    CCD Marketing Consultancy with a clear vision to offer integrated marketing services in the innovative city of Dubai.

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  • Market Research & Feasibility Studies

    Market Research & Feasibility Studies

    Analysis to back up, you can make judgments more confidently, whether you want to open a second location or invest in new technology.

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  • Human Resources Consultancy

    Human Resources Consultancy

    Dubai's location allows it to bridge both East and West and Europe and Africa.

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  • Corporate and Technical Training Courses

    Corporate and Technical Training Courses

    Our Corporate Training Services offer courses that provide insight, skills, and tools for individual and organizational improvement.

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