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The relationship between UAE and UK

For the past decade, trade between the UAE and UK has steadily increased, strengthening the valuable relationship between the two countries thereby leading to immense growth opportunities. UAE and UK aim to double trade to £25 billion by 2020. During 2016, UAE imported $9 billion which is 2.2% of the total UK exports during 2016 and ranks 14 among the top trading partners in terms of export sales. The UAE-UK Business Council, which was created in 2011, took the lead in working towards this target. The Business Council’s mission is to increase bilateral trade and investment and to help and encourage UK companies do business in the UAE and vice versa, and to identify opportunities for UK/UAE cooperation in third markets. The UAE is your ideal destination when you decide to expand horizons for your business.

We put our London based representative/agent at your service to facilitate the process towards business opportunities in the Gulf and the surrounding region. Our services would help you make informed investment decisions, including information on:

  • One-stop shop Business set up and company formation solutions. Various options on how to set up business in the UAE, in mainland and free zones across major cities.
  • One stop shop service for hassle free market entry.
  • Corporate Trade House for exporters.
  • Market research tailored for your business needs.
  • Easy access to government departments.

Our UK agent/representative is ready to help.

Mrs Fayha Sultan


T: +44 77 4341 8518


The relationship between UAE and BRAZIL

At first glance the UAE and Brazil don’t exactly look like a perfect couple. For starters, the two counties are thousands of miles apart and everything from their histories to landscapes are polarized. But insights from commercial standpoints reveal that when it comes to business relationships, the two economically expanding countries have many favorable points.
The Brazilian policy of rapprochement has led to strong and deep trade relations with the Middle Eastern countries, especially the UAE.

The trade relationship between Brazil and the UAE boosted the economies of both countries through multiple segments. Brazil’s investments in the UAE are numerous – food products and tobacco come first, followed by consumer goods, aerospace, real estate services and financial services. The largest Brazilian investor is BRF Brasil Foods. On the other hand, UAE investments in Brazil are concentrated particularly in storage, financial services, transportation, metals, hotels and tourism. The largest Emirati investor is DP World.

In this symbiotic trade context, CBS has formed a strategic partnership with CS Partners – a prospering ‎business boutique in Brazil – to span territories across South America, understanding the continent’s business experience, and to expand the TCG footprint worldwide.‎ CS Partners is a business boutique co-founded by Luís ‎Antonio Scaglianti and Oestes Marques Costa junior. The founders decided to put together their extensive and ‎multiple professional experiences to aid small and medium-sized entrepreneurs make projects ‎viable in various economic segments.

Our Brazil agent/representative is ready to help.

Mr Oestes Marques Costa JR


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T: +5511 99484-7318


The relationship between UAE and ARGENTINA

UAE and Argentina agreed to strengthen economic ties since 2017, to explore the possibility of ‎this South American country receiving investment from the Gulf nation, particularly tourism ‎and health, while they pledged to strengthen bilateral relations and increase trade. In fact, the ‎UAE is a strategic gateway to expand Argentina’s reach to markets across the Middle East, ‎Africa and Asia, while Argentina is Dubai’s seventh-largest trading partner within Latin America ‎with bilateral non-oil trade exceeding AED 827 million ($225 million) in 2018, an increase of 21 ‎percent compared to 2015.‎
Foodstuff, vegetable, and meat products were the top products traded between Dubai and ‎Argentina in 2018 by total value ($158 million), followed by chemical products ($23 million), ‎and machinery and electric/electronic equipment ($12.8 million).‎

Aiming to explore and identify new trade and investment prospects in Argentina, the CBS ‎representative agent in Argentina focuses its efforts on attracting Argentine companies to Dubai. The key objectives are boosting bilateral trade and expanding cooperation in key sectors of mutual ‎interest such as agribusiness, infrastructure, renewable energy, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and ‎tourism.‎

Mercurio Group, a company specialized in advertising, marketing and international trade leads the business development strategy to attract Argentine FDI into UAE. The company is represented by Pablo Damian Tramannoni Pozzi, an experienced business professional in this space.

Our ARGENTINA agent/representative is ready to help.

Mr. Pablo Tramannoni Pozzi


T: +54 9 341 550-0864


The relationship between UAE and SPAIN

Trade and economic ties between Spain and the UAE are getting stronger. Over 200 Spanish ‎companies are currently based in the UAE, and this number is steadily increasing, with more ‎Spanish firms planning to enter the market. Figures show that in 2017, bilateral trade stood at ‎‎2 billion euros and is only expected to go up in the coming years. In fact, 7,600 Spanish companies ‎exported to the UAE with over 2,500 being regular exporters. Oil & gas and, renewable energy are in the first place, followed by agro-food and other industrial ‎sectors.‎

CBS has identified this productive trade relationship as a strong business opportunity to attract Spanish FDI into UAE. ASR, our agent in Spain, is a business consulting company, dedicated to enterprise promotion, business ‎project development, and advising SMEs on appropriate businesses and international markets.‎ ASR is represented by Ignacio GALAÑENA JAMAR, a highly successful Global Business Development professional, with ‎over a decade of experience in International Trade and Business Development, focused on ‎leading companies to identify business opportunities overseas.‎

Our Spain agent/representative is ready to help.

Mr. Ignacio Galañena Jamar


T: +34 634 550168

CBS in Italy

The relationship between UAE and Italy

UAE is the largest Arab trading partner of Italy, while Italy is the fourth largest European partner of the UAE and the second largest exporters from Europe.
This is the reason for the importance of cooperation between the two sides, particularly across technology and advanced industries. This collaboration served as the main axes in the UAE Vision to build a future economy–focusing on the importance of joint ventures and exchange of experiences in new areas such as smart cities, technological sciences, water solutions, and renewable energy.
Both countries have laid emphasis on how to increase trade, cooperation and exchange of experiences in the fields of innovation, small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Naturally, this has led to a constant need to, explore partnership opportunities. CBS believes in aligning its global business strategy with existing trade relations between countries.

Our associate and agent in Italy is the firm FRANCESCO CORBELLO. The company is a team of international professional advisors of the highest caliber, who keep track of the latest developments in business around the world. With over two decades of experience, the firm is well known to provide tailored services in Foreign Direct Investment solutions as also a plethora of other services such as legal accounting, auditing, consulting, Dispute Support, Case Management, Fraud Examining, and Forensic Accounting.

Our Italy agent/representative is ready to help.

Mr. Francesco CORBELLO


T: +39 339 612 2753


The relationship between UAE and Germany

Being the fourth largest exporter to the UAE, and the 25th largest recipient of UAE re-exports, Germany ‎keeps capitalizing on the development of its trade and business relations with the UAE. From their ‎first partnership agreement in 2004, Germany-UAE relations are robust and development-oriented. ‎
The UAE is home to more than 900 German companies and is the largest trade partner in the Middle East. ‎Nonetheless, the trade surplus is in Germany’s favor to the tune of more than $15 billion. Likewise, German ‎companies significantly contribute to the UAE’s ongoing infrastructure projects and play a leading role in the ‎alternative energy sector. The German Business Park, an area designed to house several of the already ‎present companies and their logistical needs, is in the midst of the Dubai construction sector. This has led to ‎enhanced cooperation between the two countries, as their respective leadership believes in constantly elevating their ‎cooperation to the next level.‎

WAEIL AMIN, the CBS representative in Germany, is a talented business consultant with a proven innovative approach in leading business ‎development and, promoting opportunities in a variety of industrial sectors in MENA to German ‎businessmen.‎
He sturdily contributes to providing investors with Market Studies, Pre-feasibility and ‎Market Intelligence ‎about the prospects of German companies.‎

Our UK agent/representative is ready to help.



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