Freezone Company Formation

Corporate Business Services (CBS) specializes in free zone company formation in Dubai and all across the UAE. Our free zone company registration provides comprehensive services for the end-to-end procedure.


Our team is well-versed in all free zone procedures. Our service starts with a consultancy session to understand your needs, and then provide you with many options that meet your criteria. Our team members belong to a diverse set of nationalities, so we come to you with the required sensitivity in understanding your requirements. This also gives CBS an edge as within our team, we speak over 20 languages.



A large number of Free Zones are in Dubai and also in UAE. As of the recent count, the list of free zones are in excess of 35 within Dubai alone. Some of the more prominent ones include Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and many more.


Free Zone Companies are not allowed to trade directly with the UAE market. Free Zones are considered to be outside the jurisdiction of UAE, and under the rules and regulations of each free zone. The companies under the Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) are responsible for following the rules and regulation of the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA).


Dubai offers tremendous business opportunities for investors from all around the world to establish their business in Free zones. As far as the procedures and principles are concerned, Dubai offers the most liberal working environment and easy free zone company setup procedures.



Freezones offer a wonderful competitive advantage for businesses.

  • A specialized, highly focused and targeted ecosystem
  • Synergy with vendors, suppliers, potential customers and other players
  • Full ownership (100% foreign ownership)
  • Free customs duty benefits to investors
  • Full tax benefits


This makes free zones are the most advantageous locations in the Middle East for international setups and attracts many companies for Free zone company registration in Dubai.



Free Zone Establishment (FZE):  Company can be registered with one individual or corporate shareholder.

Free Zone Company (FZCO):  Company can be registered with 2 or more shareholders. Shareholders can be either individuals or corporate companies

Branch Office: Companies may not be available in every UAE free zone. There will be some difference according to the rules and regulations of each free zone authority.


Types of business licenses in Free Zone:


Trading License: allows Company to carry out trading activities like buying, import & export, and selling of a limited number of goods and commodities.

General Trading License: allows Company to deal with the trading of all types of goods with some exemption on banned goods and products that need special approvals.

Service License: The companies which deal with consultancy, accountancy, etc. services.

Industrial License:  Allows the company to carry out manufacturing, packaging, and processing in Dubai free zone.



  • 100% Foreign Ownership
  • No corporate tax
  • Importing goods into the free zones without duty
  • Easy recruitment procedures, work permits and Visas
  • Facility to own the properties
  • Renewal fees are moderate for free zone company formation
  • Business confidentiality is strictly maintained
  • Allowed to open bank account in Dubai
  • No restriction for doing more than one activity
  • Can wind up business at your discretion
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