5 Ways to Prepare Your Business for Emergencies

“If it does not challenge you, it does not change you” – Fred Devito

Businesses often face the dilemma of having to address the challenges that constantly crop up during the course of operations.

The first major challenge for a business comes in the form of having to execute a business setup in Dubai.  This is not an easy process, but as our earlier blog columns would have highlighted, it can be turned into a smart opportunity by deploying corporate consultancy services from experts. Once your company formation in Dubai is complete, the next set of challenges center around regulatory compliance, such as the need for VAT consultancy in Dubai.

So how can a business be more prepared to face the business challenges? Here are 5 possible ways, based on our experience:-

TIP #1


A proven method for organic and sustained business growth is to effectively get your operational matters out of the way.

While they are critical and must not be ignored, these processes must also not prove to be counter-productive for the business and especially its owners.

The middle ground is arrived at by deploying the services of expert business advisory in Dubai.

The advantages of having a business advisory in Dubai are:-

  • Cost-effective way to complete your company incorporation in Dubai
  • Experts will manage your PRO services in Dubai while you can focus on the business
  • Government liaison and contract preparations can be done by professionals, ensuring you have regulatory compliance
  • There will be no penalties or fines since the experts will track all documents
  • You will be the final decision maker and authority on all aspects of your business – the business advisory in Dubai will merely execute operational tasks

TIP #2


In one of our earlier columns, we answered the question on why do I need a local sponsorship for my business setup in Dubai.

To put it simply,

  • View your corporate sponsor in Dubai as a strategic partner on your side
  • Leverage the strong local market expertise of your local business partner
  • Maximize the reach and expanse of the networks
  • Utilize the corporate sponsor in Dubai as a means to increase the trustworthiness of your business
  • Obtain smart ways to build and grow your business by utilizing the information and network of your corporate sponsor in Dubai
  • Gather as much market intelligence as possible by connecting on a regular basis

While regulations have provided the freedom for most businesses to operate without the need for a local business partner, it is in the interest of the business to continue to rely on this massive support. This provides businessmen strong insulation for untoward circumstances, by being able to rely on the strengths of the corporate sponsor in Dubai.

TIP #3


One of the prudent business steps is to build your investment with foreseeable returns in the future. This was our focus in one of our previous blogs, and we believe that the advice still remains relevant. Definitely, business setup in Dubai is a strong investment and secure investment opportunity. When successfully performing your business setup in Dubai, it is critical to evaluate of the business itself.

The top 4 business ideas that emerged during the pandemic, and remain relevant even now:-

  1. eCommerce businesses, that focus on selling a wide variety of products over an online platform, with customers buying them from the comfort of their home
  2. Application development, which helps enable digital transformation of businesses
  3. Delivery & logistics businesses that provide the ability to deliver products to any location, and making even unique products easily available
  4. Sustainable solutions that place immense importance on a circular and green economy

Needless to say, the right business idea is one of the most efficient ways to prepare yourself for future emergencies.

TIP #4


A perennial need for businesses is to explore cost-effective methods to operate. Almost all companies have the need to conduct meetings, and to utilize office services. However, this may not always come cheap, so it is important to explore the difference between shared office and dedicated office space, as highlighted in our previous blog column.

The simple solution is to get the right solution that sustains your business growth, provides greater value for the money you pay, and always retains your business at its epicenter.

One such solution is to look at smart meeting room services that not only provide you state-of-the-art technology but also at affordable rates.


Which is important – business idea or the operational paperwork associated with it?

The business idea is as important for growth as the operations itself. Efficient operations when run on an unattractive idea is not sustainable, while a good business idea can be brought down if the operations are not providing adequate support. The right solution will be to focus on your business and its core operations, while the paperwork and documentation can be outsourced to expert PRO services in Dubai.

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